The Cetan Group

The Cetan Group is a trusted partner offering security and risk management services to a multitude of industries. We’ll deliver expertise, experience and integrity while helping you obtain an accurate understanding of your security and risk posture. We strive to create long-term partnerships not short term revenue…and it shows.

We have the right expertise for your needs, from forensics to firewalls. Our team members are thought leaders in their fields with decades of experience in the information security sector. A common sense approach to security while being up to date with all the latest developments ensures we deliver excellence to our clients every time.

The Cetan Group provides the following services:

• Penetration testing

• Code review

• Vulnerability assessments

• Technical training

• Security awareness training

• Security staffing

• Cabling and Patching (Virginia, NC, SC and Georgia only)

Improving the security of your organization:

All organizations must protect the information that is most valuable to their business. This information is electronic, whether it is trade secrets, personally identifiable information, or health records. A formalized information security program allows your organization to protect that information today, next week and next year. The Cetan Group specializes in the implementation, maturation and assessment of information security and risk programs. We can provide valuable assistance, whether you are starting from the beginning or looking to improve your existing program. Our practitioners are not consultants but rather have spent their careers implementing and running security programs. Our real world experience sets us apart.

Expect more from your infosec training platform.

The Cetan Group is a proud partner of The Hacker Academy, the leading online security training platform in the industry. Let the Cetan Group design a customized security training program that meets your unique security training needs. From highly technical training to security awareness training for non-technical staff, The Hacker Academy is a perfect fit for your needs and budget.

Professional Staffing

Partner with us as a client and you will benefit from a carefully selected pool of qualified employees. Due to our top grading methodology of candidate selection, we guarantee that an experienced Infosec professional is at hand, no matter how immediate the need. We implement the latest technology to create streamlined and expedited job fulfillment. Partner with us as an Infosec professional and explore a career with some of the most exciting emerging companies and highest caliber corporations in the marketplace. Our skilled recruiters are dedicated to making your job search as effortless as possible and providing you with fulfilling work opportunities. Partnership is at the heart of The Cetan Group’s philosophy—we honor the fact that our success is completely dependent on yours. We conduct business as an extension of your team and we take the time to develop a deep understanding of your needs in order to bring you only the best infosec talent. Our end goal is to turn first-time clients into long-term relationships.